Monday, 14 November 2011

On Perfect Dogs, Lost Keys and Outdated Technologies

Problem to solve: Carrying multiple keys and worrying about losing them

What was the door opening technology last century?
- Using the key!
And what is it now?
- Still the same :(
Is it going to be the same 10 years from now?
- I hope not!

I live in a well protected place. You need to pass through 2 gates and 1 door to enter the block, not counting my own door. How many keys do I need to carry at all times?
- Right - 4!
- Plus 3 keys from work!
- Plus 3 keys for my scooter!
- 4+3+3=10 if my maths is right. :)

Sounds familiar? Plus losing any of the keys is not fun. Having to wait on a dead holiday for someone to come to unlock your door is not fun too. Having to sleep under the bridge neither.

Wouldn't our life be so much nicer if various doors would simply recognize us without demanding for keys? And the "technology" is actually there! I call it the "perfect dog"!

So what is the perfect dog? It is the dog that barks strictly at everyone except you and your friends, guest or whoever is included in the "authorized circle"! You don't need any key! Nor any code! Isn't it exactly what we are looking for? Perfect keyless and codeless recognition!

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